Lighting: Airport Bar Assignment

This assignment was written by Jessica Ainsworth-Truong for use in post-secondary education.  Use by others is not permitted without written consent.


The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate the many skills you have acquired thus far by using light as the generator of design.  Light atmosphere will become the concept for your airport bar and you will be designing a light feature for the space as well as lighted signage.  You will also be selecting off the shelf lighting for the space and organizing it into a schedule.

You will be given names of four airport bar chains, what is printed on their coaster and a generic airport bar plan.  You must choose one of the statements to use as the starting point of your concept and design.  You may modify the furniture and shape of the bar and back-bar, but are not to change the space.

As always, presentation plays an important role in the “client’s” ability to understand your ideas and the “contractor’s” capability to execute your design.  All renderings will be completed with respect to light.

Requirements For Presentation

  • Floor plan ¼” = 1’0.  RENDERED
  • Lighting plan @ 1/4” = 1’0. NOT RENDERED
    • Include a lighting key/legend.
  • Elevation of light feature.  RENDERED
  • Elevation of façade RENDERED – including lighted signage
  • Perspective of the space.  RENDERED
  • Images of scheduled luminaires

Items to turn in to me

  • Lighting schedule
  • RCP @ ¼” = 1’0
    • With lightingkey/legen

Additional Information

Please create an interesting ceiling by changing heights (raise or lower in areas) or adding interest (like beams or coves).

Be prepared to be responsible for the critique of your peers.

Airport Bar Names and Statements

Aurora Borealis

“Spirits of the Northern Night Sky dance across the Ice”

Pour some of our fine spirits over the ice in your glass and you’ll feel better about your layover.

Vino Tinto

“ Rich Ruby Varietals Flow across the Palate like Gems on Jeweler’s Velvet”

No matter where you’re headed, travel to Spain, Portugal and South America (in your wine glass).


“Shimmering Bubbles deliver Bursts of Refreshment”

Overcome jet lag.  Pure oxygen reduces fatigue and stress on the body.

Amber Waves

“Grain from the American Prairie, Hops from the Belgian Highlands”

Artisan beer.  Drink with care.



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