Lighting: Luminaire Assignment

This assignment was written by Jessica Ainsworth-Truong for use in post-secondary education.  Use is not permitted without written consent.


To design a prototype luminaire that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.  You will use the knowledge gained by the earlier research and exploration exercises to shape your fixture.  You should have a space in mind when designing this luminaire, such as a room in your home, an office or a retail location.


You are to build a luminaire using experiential knowledge of lamp control methods.  The luminaire design may be portable, surface mounted or pendant style.  As this is a prototype, the structure need not be the material you envision for the final product – but the lamp control materials should be consistent.

Required Drawings/Elements

  • A concept word or phrase presented on the boards.  AKA the title of your lamp.
  • The light control experiment images that most influenced your design.
  • Process images of creating the lamp.
  • A physical model of your lamp.  Remember, this is the prototype.
  • Photograph(s) of your finished luminaire

Grading elements

  • Connection of concept and light control experiments to physical model
  • Design based on light quality
  • Clarity of presentation
  • Care of craft

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