Lighting: Sketchbook Assignment

This assignment was written by Jessica Ainsworth-Truong for use in post-secondary education.  Use by others is not permitted without written consent.


This assignment is intended to heighten awareness of the lighting environment around us, particularly hospitality environments.  These exercises will help you formulate your lighting design for the hospitality project.


Select 5 distinct locations.  Two unique areas within the same space qualify as distinct locations.

For each location, make the following

  • Sketch a vignette of the light quality of the space
  • Sketch of the RCP of the vignette area (don’t forget estimated ceiling heights.)
  • Write a paragraph or two analyzing the light quality and how it relates to the RCP

This must be in a commercial space such as a restaurant, coffee shop, retail store, hotel lobby, etc.  Please choose areas with unique lighting designs – 4 drawings of Perkins are not going to impart much knowledge.


On each sketch, please write the date and time of the sketch and the site.  Sketches must be a minimum of 3”x5” each.  Please sketch in black and white; do not use a straight edge and do not use a ball point pen.


  • Inclusion of all required elements
  • Quality of sketches
  • Depth of analysis
  • Care of craft

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