19th & 20th Century Architecture: Essay #2: Coming into Being

This assignment was written by Jessica Ainsworth-Truong for use in post-secondary education.  This assignment is not to be used by others without written consent.


In the text and in lecture, we have learned about how the many Art Nouveau movements were representative of “coming into being”.  Examples include Victor Horta’s pea shoot like columns in the staircase at Hotel Tassel or Antoni Gaudi’s biomorphic forms in Casa Battlo.

For your assignment, I want you to discuss your understanding of what “coming into being” means in the context of Art Nouveau.  Give appropriate examples from the period.  Then, I want you to address the idea of “coming into being” using today’s technology.  Some avenues for exploration include the virtual world, high tech materials and issues of sustainability.

Please include images that inform your paper.  Images do not contribute to the length of the text.


2-3 pages, double-spaced, typed.  Use Times New Roman or Ariel font size 12 with one inch margins

Grade Sheet

Grammar, Spelling and Format:  You are given two free errors.  1 point will be taken off for every two errors I catch after that.


CIB & Art Nouveau/examples

CIB & modern technology

Quality of argument


Quality of writing



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