Advanced Corporate Client Profile

This assignment was written by Jessica Ainsworth-Truong for use in post-secondary education.  This assignment is not to be used by others without written consent.

Client Profile – Tonique

Your team has been selected to design the headquarters for Tonique, a company that specializes in men’s body products.  Their mission statement, “Address the senses, nurture the spirit …of the body…of the world…” will be the driving force behind your design.  The company produces high end shaving products, soaps, lotions and colognes that are made with organic ingredients and are sold in salons and boutiques across the country.

They recently purchased an abandoned machine shop in Saint Paul, Minnesota to transform into their sales and marketing headquarters.  The location suits their needs perfectly.  The building has a ton of texture and sits on a lot with access to the outdoors and ample daylighting.  It is also within blocks of a proposed light rail stop and bike routes.

They are interested in new office concepts, such as hoteling and creating cross discipline interaction.  They know that design will play a huge role in the success of their office.

You will be planning the main floor offices.  You must plan for their access to the lower level outdoor space.  The lower level will house the warehouse, where they store displays, marketing materials, etc. and prepare them for shipment via UPS.

The needs of the office employees are as follows.

One receptionist/executive assistant that handles greetings, mailings and other office needs.  This area must clearly state the mission of the company to visitors.  It is the first impression.

The director of sales needs an individual office.   They are responsible for the sales representatives and the customer service representatives.  In addition to desk space and a computer, there needs to be shelving for products and product literature and lateral files.  A space in the office to meet with a couple employees and discuss products would be appreciated.  The director also spends about six hours a day on the phone.

They have five sales representatives (and hope to add five more in the next year) that come into the office periodically from out of town and they need to have office space for them when they are in St. Paul.  These spaces need to have data and communications equipment, but do not need to be dedicated to one individual.

There are five customer service representatives (hopefully eight by the end of the year).  Not only do they take orders, but they manage product distribution and answer customer questions.  They spend almost their entire day on the telephone, so privacy is a must.  They also must have individual access to a computer, products and product literature.

The director of product design needs an individual office, with a degree of transparency to their teams.  They work closely with the marketing team and the fragrance design team, directing their efforts, concepting, and giving final approval to items.  They need desk space and a computer station, as well as an area to review materials.

The marketing team consists of six people.  They work as individuals and as a team, so their space needs to support personal space with privacy and collaborative work.  They often meet with the fragrance design team to smell new products, discuss trends and help engage in research.  They are responsible for visual and written promotion of products, packaging, and display merchandising.

The fragrance design team consists of three people.  They need a sealed lab to concoct new fragrances and store valuable essences.  This is very sensory work, so they also need a place to escape fragrance.  They do not need a permanent individual “office” space; they will share the undedicated office space that is required for sales representatives.

Other Spaces

Tonique wants to encourage collaboration, communication and teamwork, and are looking to your team to create that atmosphere.  They do not want to add a laundry list of additional space requirements, but have included a few explanations of spaces they require.

  • A single stall men’s room with a separate changing room with shower.
  • A single stall women’s room with a separate changing room with shower.
  • Space with seating for sixteen and digital presentation.
  • Place to store, prepare, and eat food.
  • Spaces that encourage communication, teamwork and collaboration both inside the building and on the grounds

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