Advanced Corporate Design Course Description and Course Competencies

The course description and competencies are provided by the Art Institute International Minnesota.  The course must follow the description and students must demonstrate completion of all competencies.

Course Description

This course focuses on the complete analysis of a corporate interior design project by developing in-depth programming, schematics, design development, modeling, construction documents, and specifications.  This group project also helps further develop time management, organization, and group communication skills. (Prereq. ID2442 – Design Development: Commercial)

Course Competencies

  • Conduct pre-design research related to corporate space
  • Synthesize a complex corporate program into a workable data reference
  • Create a viable, safe, and aesthetic design for a high-end corporate space, including space plan, elevations, interior detailing, lighting, custom furniture, and materials, furnishings, and finish selection
  • Utilize the concept of “hoteling” in a corporate design solution
  • Plan open-office environments by appropriately applying systems components
  • Use lighting techniques appropriate to well-illuminated corporate spaces
  • Comply with codes and product standards and regulations covering fire safety and barrier-free access in the planning of space for both general and special populations
  • Document all phases of the design process including conceptual, schematic, design development drawings, working drawings and furniture specifications
  • Work with a team format in the research, design, and presentation of an interior project

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