Advanced Corporate Design Development Review

This assignment was written by Jessica Ainsworth-Truong for use in post-secondary education.  This assignment is not to be used by others without written consent.


  • Capitalize on a well developed concept
  • Explore individual spaces within a developed plan
  • Cohesively present options for client input


Your team will provide, at minimum, the following for DD review.

  • Relevant process info (such as diagrams, sketches, preliminary plans)
  • Developed concept statement and physical representation of concept
  • Floor plans 1/8” = 1’-0
    • Main floor
    • Basement plus site plan
    • 2 options for RCP w/ lighting plan for main floor 1/8” = 1’-0
      • Options for luminaires
    • Labeled material and color palette
    • Develop at least 3 main areas within the plan
      • Show 2 distinct plan layouts @ ¼” = 1’-0
      • Show 2 distinct furniture options
      • Show at least 2 sketches per layout describing the space three dimensionally
    • At least 10 sketches showing options for interior spaces

This is to be a board presentation.  Digital presentations will not be accepted.  Scan all drawings and photograph all boards, as boards will be collected for CIDA accreditation.

Your presentation is to be addressed to the client.  Within the verbal presentation, your team must address:

  • Review concept and client functional goals
  • Walk through of the following and how they relate to concept and client goals
    • Floor plan
    • Materials and palette
    • Main area options
  • How the project addresses LEED
    • Indoor Environmental Quality
    • Materials and Resources
    • Energy and Atmosphere
  • How your team is addressing
    • Lighting (task, ambient and sparkle)
    • Acoustics
    • Scent and texture

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