Advanced Corporate Final Review

This assignment was written by Jessica Ainsworth-Truong for use in post-secondary education.  This assignment is not to be used by others without written consent.


These are the MINIMUM requirements for the final review.

  • Relevant process info (such as diagrams, sketches, preliminary plans)
  • Developed concept statement and physical representation of concept
  • Floor plans 1/8” = 1’-0
    • Main floor – RENDERED
    • Basement plus site plan
  • RCP Main Floor 1/8” = 1’0
  • Three large (3) perspectives illustrating key areas within project – RENDERED
  • Six (6) elevations ½” = 1’-0 illustrating key areas and/or custom features within project – RENDERED
  • Material and color palette
    • Must be easy to correlate where materials are going in space when looking at the presentation
  • Major furniture and lighting selections
    • Must be easy to correlate where furniture/lighting is going in the space when looking at the presentation
  • Limit verbal presentation to 20 minutes.  I will cut you off.

This is to be a board presentation.  Digital presentations will not be accepted.  Scan all drawings and photograph all boards, as boards will be collected for CIDA accreditation.

Your presentation is to be addressed to the client.  Within the verbal presentation, your team must address:

  • How space related to concept and client goals
    • Point out key features
    • How the project addresses LEED
      • Point out key features
      • Why your team’s design is the best option for the client
        • Be persuasive

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