Lighting Course Description and Course Competencies

The course description and competencies are provided by the Art Institute International Minnesota.  The course must follow the description and students must demonstrate completion of all competencies.

Course Description

This course involves the study of lighting under a variety of studio location situations.  The student acquires a working knowledge of natural and artificial lighting.  Students apply problem-solving techniques to different lighting conditions. Students explore the possibilities of lighting as a form-giver to interior space and the technical knowledge necessary to create a successfully illuminated interior.(prerequisite ID2430 – Computer Aided Drafting)

Course Competencies

  • Identify client needs and problem parameters
  • Develop and refine comprehensive lighting concepts
  • Recognize and utilize anthropometrics, ergonomics and human behavior
  • Create functional environments that are sensitive to user needs
  • Conceptualize and formulate appropriate design solutions
  • Draft and prepare design drawings and design specifications using CAD
  • Utilize presentation techniques and materials to communicate design solutions with increased verbal and visual skills

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