History of Design 1830 to Present: Sketchbook 1 & 2 Assignment


This assignment was written by Jessica Ainsworth-Truong for use in post-secondary education.  This assignment is not to be used by others without written consent.


  • To develop knowledge, an understanding and appreciation of the distinct details found in interiors, furnishings and art of different historic design periods and cultures through research of available illustrations
  • To illustrate the characteristics unique to each period/culture through the skills of sketching, research and analysis.


  • Purchase an 8×10 sketchbook to be used only for this class.  You will also need different weight pencils or tech pens, scissors and a glue stick.  Using color is optional.

For Sketchbook #1

  • The book will have the five following sections
    • Victorian
    • English Arts & Crafts or American Arts & Crafts (choose 1 style)
    • Art Nouveau
    • Viennese Succession/Wierner Werstatte or Mackintosh/Prairie School (choose one pair of styles)
    • European Art Deco or American Art Deco (Choose 1 style)

For Sketchbook #2

  • The book will have the five following sections
    • Bauhaus / International Style
    • Scandinavian Modern
    • Mid Century Modern
    • Pop or PostModern (choose 1 style)
    • Minimalist or Deconstructivist (choose 1 style)

Both sketchbooks will have the following drawings/photographs for each individual section – a total of 11 images per section, or 55 images per sketchbook.

  • Include the following images, sketches and text for each section
    • 2 interiors -1 PHOTOGRAPH & 1 SKETCH
      • note both the photograph and sketch w/ the name of the designer, location, date, and source
      • note the photograph only with characteristics of the style
    • 5 pieces of furniture – 3 PHOTOGRAPHS & 2 SKETCHES
      • Note all w/ designer’s name, date, and source
      • Note all photographs w/ characteristics of the style
    • 4 accessories –  3 PHOTOGRAPHS & 1 SKETCH
      • accessories include, but are not limited to china, clocks, vases, silver, mirrors. etc
      • Note all w/ designer’s name, date and source
      • Note all photographs w/ characteristics of the style
  • All photographs and images sketched from need to be from credible sources.  Examples include
    • Books from the library – there are many great resources here at the AiM LRC
    • Websites – the following are suggestions
      • Auction houses -like Christie’s (not eBay)
      • Museums – great sites include Museum of Modern Art and the Victoria & Albert Museum
      • Designer’s personal web sites
      • Course sites from other universities
      • Well documented blogs
      • Lecture – must be less than 50% of total images
  • Text must be lettered, NOT hand written

Grading Criteria

  • Completion of all required tasks
  • Quality of sketches
  • Quality of information
  • Craftsmanship
  • Creativity of organization and layout

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