Advanced Specialty: Client Description

Business Type:  This wine bar is located in on Mears Park in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Neighboring bars include The Bulldog, Barrio, and Senor Wong’s.  The bar will focus on its wine list, but will also serve beer and cocktails.  Small plates offered by the kitchen will be designed to pair with and compliment the wines served.  Service is to be relaxed but unobtrusive, delivered by well-trained staff knowledgeable about wine and food.  Due to the configuration of exits and lack of sprinkler system, occupancy is limited to 102 persons.   The following information is provided.

  • Kitchen, prep area and storage locations
  • All exits
  • Plumbing stack location
  • Mechanical system location


Concept:   The bar is to be about beautiful experience.  The interior architecture should provide visitors a sense of beauty and awe and lead them to question what beauty really is.   Your precedent research and personal understanding of beauty will be the trigger for these feelings and conversations.  The name has yet to be determined, as it has a lot to do with the development of the design as it relates to beauty.


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