Advanced Specialty: Design Development Review Assignment


  • Develop one option for a creative and viable restaurant
  • Illustrate concept through sketches, perspective, and models
  • Demonstrate creative thinking and originality
  • Prepare a clear and competent presentation utilizing a variety of techniques
  • Communicate concepts of spatial definition and organization through 2D and 3D design solutions
  • Apply color, materials, and FF&E effectively in design and presentation
  • Illustrate the contributions of lighting, audio, acoustics, etc.


The design development review is your opportunity to share your developed plan and concept with the client.  You will be creating your own list of deliverables with your instructor.  This presentation must be on boards.

Remember, you are selling your design to the client.  The presentation needs to be persuasive and have impact.

Please scan drawings and photograph boards for your records, as your work may be collected for CIDA accreditation.

Grading Criteria

  • Completion of all required elements
  • Level of development
  • Creativity of design work
  • Oral presentation
  • Care of craft

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