Advanced Specialty: Programming Assignment


  • Gather information in order for formulate a design program for a restaurant
  • Demonstrate understanding of the interior design components impacting the use of various public and private spaces within a restaurant
  • Assess code related issues
  • Work with a small group


As a team, produce a written program for your restaurant.  Include all of the following topics.  Remember, it is a design document so graphics and layout are important as well as the physical presentation of the document.

  • Title page
  • Introduction
    •  restate what your team was asked to do for the client
    • Client profile
      • A one to two page report stating
        • Definition of clientele
        • Definition of service/dining experience
        • Established client goals
          • List what the client wants to achieve and why
          • Summary of space needs – complete the following list for each individual area as follows: host station, bar, dining room, wait station, public restrooms
            • Activities from the staff and patron perspective
            • Equipment and furniture needs
            • Adjacencies
            • Code requirements – spatial, material, etc.
            • Storage requirements
            • Lighting needs
            • 2 prototype layouts – not necessary for dining room

Grading Criteria

  • Completion of all required elements
  • Quality of all required elements
  • Professional language and grammar
  • Quality of graphic layout
  • Quality of research sources

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