Interior Detailing: Project Book Assignment

This assignment was written by Jessica Ainsworth-Truong for her use in post-secondary education.  Use by others is not permitted unless by written consent.


  • Research materials
  • Maintain a file of details and specifications on products
  • Learn MasterFormat organizational system


Collect product literature for the following applications and organize it into a 3 ring binder according to MasterFormat.

Required Information

Wall finishes (and special constructions) for

  • All conference walls
  • Reception desk feature wall
  • Kitchen walls
  • Bathroom walls
  • All moldings – including baseboard

Floor Finishes

  • Conference room
  • Reception area
  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen

Ceiling Treatments

  • Acoustic tiles
  • Any special treatments (ex wood slats, fabric)


  • Doors, sizes and styles


  • Kitchen cabinet, material and door style
  • Reception desk materials
  • Vanity materials

Counter tops

  • Reception desk
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom vanity
  • Any appropriate surfaces in the conference room

Custom Conference Table

  • All materials


Grading Criteria

  • Inclusion of all required materials
  • Appropriateness of materials, aesthetic and connections in relationship to the location of the conference center
  • Organized per master format
  • Sheets are noted with their specific use – for example a Corian cut sheet – circle the specific color/type to be used and write the room it is to be used in next to it



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