Interior Detailing: Site Research Assignment

This assignment was written by Jessica Ainsworth-Truong for her use in post-secondary education.  Use by others is not permitted unless by written consent.


Your research will familiarize you with your intended site.  It will serve you well as a concept development document and help answer questions about aesthetics and material selection throughout the quarter.  Please keep this document with your daily class materials so you can refer to it often; adding and amending information.



Create a powerpoint or indesign presentation on a minimum of three of the following topics as they relate to your particular site.  The following is a simple example.

The geography of Hawaii is volcanic.  This provides for either barren landscapes or incredibly rich soil used for sugar and pineapple plantations.  Each has a very unique aesthetic.

You must conclude your presentation with a proposed concept for your project based on what you’ve learned.  This should include inspirations and possible materials.

This information will serve you well, so document your bibliography so you can return to books and websites as necessary.   Use the Library – there are some great sources!

Some Areas to Investigate

  • Climate
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Culture
  • Important Historic Events
  • Local Materials and Manufacturers
  • Landscape
  • Your choice

Grading based on

  • Following minimum requirements
  • Depth of research
  • Bibliography



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