Advanced Specialty Design Course Description and Course Competencies

The course description and competencies are provided by the Art Institute International Minnesota.  The course must follow the description and students must demonstrate completion of all competencies.

Course Description

This course focuses on the research and design of a hospitality space.  Pre-design research focuses on industry standards, design issues, codes and products relevant to the development of hospitality space. (Prereq. ID3440 – Specialty Design)

Course Competencies

  • Initiate the gathering of information to formulate a design program for a hospitality space
  • Develop a creative and viable solution for a hospitality-related project that applies an understanding of the interior design components impacting the visual perception of and use of the various public and private spaces
  • Illustrate the interior design concepts through the use of sketches, perspectives, and models
  • Assess all code-related issues regulating the interior designer with respect to use and capacities of the space
  • Differentiate between the technical impacts of the various interior design elements, such as space planning, lighting, audio-visual criteria, and egress
  • Demonstrate an ability to properly select specialty furnishings and fixtures to enhance the end use of the space
  • Prepare a presentation using a variety of techniques and/or computer generated images

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