Building Materials Course Description and Course Competencies

The course description and competencies are provided by the Art Institute International Minnesota.  The course must follow the description and students must demonstrate completion of all competencies.

Course Description

This is a survey of the principles of interior construction and the inter-relationship between materials and structure.  The course includes discussion of wall, floor, ceiling, mechanical, and electrical systems.  This course is an introduction to the process of producing and using a set of contract documents for interior spaces.  Content includes formatting, cross-referencing drawings, and how to represent details, section and legends.  Content also includes a study of the codes and regulations covering public health and welfare. (Prereq. ID2430 – Computer Aided Drafting)

Course Competencies

  • Understand fundamentals of HVAC, fire protection, acoustic control, and vertical transportation
  • Utilize principles of interior detailing
  • Compare and contrast basic types of construction methods and materials by characteristics and limitations
  • Identify building codes and regulations
  • Research government, state, and local laws, codes, standards, and regulations
  • Identify products, materials, and finishes for interior use which pose environmental and biological hazards

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